Crystal Academy of Musical Arts

Mateus Goblet W3 P8

A time for YOU to be the star of our show with other fellow Bards and music lovers, come relax and listen to melodious tunes so that your troubles melt away, come play on a gorgeous stage for others to hear! Stage open, Bar free, come and hang out! We're still hosting lessons as well, if you're interested in learning how all this works! From Hand playing, to BMP creation, we're a completely free resource for everything music related!Time: Biweekly Sundays, at 8:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST

Meet The Staff


-Tobpah Yohpah - Medium home for a reasonable price!-The Songbirds - Promoting the academy and everything we do! Helping the community grow-Demytrya & Lledwyn - Decorating the venue and always being there to help!-Doc Laladay - 9m gil-Alex Mason - 6m gil-Victoria Vaitisionne - 3m gil-Dahniel Sunzi - 300k gil-Xheila Olar - 50k gil-Yami Vara - 3m gil

Goal of the Academy

Ever thought about playing music in-game? Well stop thinking and start doing! Our staff will be more than happy to offer assistance and we have a variety of free guides available. We can get you set up on BMP, or teach you how to hand play if you put in the time! Be part of a troupe? Macro it up? More information coming soon!